Amazon SDE1 Interview Experience

I interviewed for Amazon in November 2020. I applied through a referral which helped in expediting the process.

Hackerrank Test

There were 2 DS questions. We had to explain the approach and write the time complexity and space complexity as well. There was one behavioural assessment after this. This was quite simple and straightforward.

Q1. Given a list of the duration of songs and a time ‘t’, find 2 songs that end at exactly t-30 seconds. There were constraints on how to handle multiple answers. Simple brute force and sorting worked on this.

Q2. This was also an easy to medium vector implementation question.

Hackerrank Result and Recruiter Connect

The recruiter contacted me and told me the procedure of the interviews and gave me some preparation tips.

Onsite Interview 1

It was a 1-hour coding interview. The interview was taken on Amazon Chime. We need to write code on a platform similar to Google Docs. No need to compile the code.

The interviewer asked me about my experience and the project. After that, he asked 2 questions.



Onsite Interview 2



Onsite Interview 3

This was a Hiring Manager interview.

He asked me about the projects that I have worked on. Then he asked questions on various amazon leadership principles.

He also asked with an extension that the input string is very large(explain the multithreading concept here, no need to code)